Anina is a unicorn.


Anina has appeared on the covers of magazines and in editorial spreads such as L’Officiel, ELLE, Gioia, Harper’s Bazaar. Along with walking the fashion shows of Sonia Rykiel, Dres van Noten, Dirk Bikkembergs, Salvatore Ferragamo, GFF, and more.


Anina has worked with Intel, IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, and Samsung along with the CHIC Fashion Expo, Beijing Design Week, 751D-Park, and the China Fashion Week. Anina has been building a bridge between fashion and technology for 10 years.


Anina has led workshops, lectures, panels, hackathons, training fashion designers, developers, and students.


Anina has appeared in indie films, television commercials, and TV shows around the world. Two of the movies she was in went to Cannes and won awards for short films.

Product Developer

Anina has created her own line of wearable and fashion technology for women who travel and lead a digital lifestyle.


Anina is an influencer speaking at hundreds of conferences, predicting the future, and leading by example.


360Fashion Network developed 162 Smart Gloves for Intel’s cooperation with CCTV Spring Festival Gala “Spring Wind” Performance aired to 1.3Billion people at Chinese New Year lead by Anina Net.


Anina Net x A Line Called K

Anina's Work

Anina brings together fashion, innovation, and women with technology.

Robotic Dress

A mechanical dress that turns from a day dress to a ballgown.

Motion Dress

An intelligent dress that knows when to attract attention and when not.

Laser Dress

A dress that extends itself beyond the fabric and paints the room.

162 Smart Gloves for Intel

Using gesture recognition to trigger the lighting pattern on a human grid of 162 dancers, the 360Fashion Network Smart Glove set the stage on fire on CCTV’s Spring Festival Galla “Spring Wind” Performance to 1.3Billion people.

360Fash Tech Kits

Anina is the creator of the 360Fash Tech Kits. Removing the barriers for fashion designers to create IoT Clothing.


Anina is the creator of the 360Fashion Network iLLUMINATED JEWELRY with patented Ledpulse module inside.

Public Speaker

Anina speaks all over the world to captivate, energize, and give hope to others.

Find Anina

Anina is based between San Francisco, CA and Beijing, China with frequent stops in Amsterdam, Paris, and Berlin. She can be contacted here.